Mistakes to Avoid when Buying a Home

1. Buying a bigger house than you need It is important to consider how much space you and your family need today and within the next five years. The larger your house, the higher your heating, cooling and maintenance expenses will be. The bigger your house, the higher the monthly mortgage and annual property taxes

Reasons why your House has not Sold

1. Your property hasn’t sold because the photos are horrible. 99% of home buyers begin their house search on the internet, so it is critical that your property’s photos look amazing. Not just ok. If buyers like what they see on the Internet, then they might make an appointment to see your house in person.

8 Things to do before Selling your Home

1. Get your paperwork ready It is important to gather all of the important paperwork about your house, including the deed, your home owners insurance, your mortgage statement, your title insurance, your HUD from when you bought your home, any transferable warranties and your survey. Sometimes potential buyers ask for average utility bills in the

Home Buying Process in Raleigh

Step 1 – Get Pre-Approved before Looking at Potential Homes I can recommend experienced mortgage professionals in Raleigh and Cary, NC who will be happy to develop a personalized strategy for you and address all of your questions and concerns. Before we start looking at houses, it is important to know the loan amount that